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Ruby On Rail or Node.JS ?

Why Ruby on Rails is great?

This is a very good technology choice that saves time and money.
Ruby on Rails is a good framework. The main criteria that define the quality of this framework:
Productivity, Agile, Accommodation, Deployment, Performance, License, Evolution, Recruitment, Active, Comfort, Cost, Best Practices, Community, Architecture, Security ...
This framework is a very powerful tool. It was thought to be stylish, efficient, scalable, secure, agile.

Ruby on Rails, the web framework

Ruby on Rails, also known as RoR or Rails is an open source web framework written in Ruby. Use ruby savvy for the best team in code. It was extracted from Basecamp in 2004, a project management tool developed by David Heinemeier Hansson. Rails is based on two fundamental principles:

- DRY (Do not Repeat Yourself): Try as much as possible to have the elements of the application in one place. The MVC and metaprogramming in Ruby architecture make this possible.
- Convention over to Setup: There is no need to specify the details when they meet established conventions. Rails exploits this by providing default behavior for most of its features.

Ruby on Rails is used by the best programmers and programming made above is surprising.

We are a ruby on rails development company. And we 're Full Stack Developers .

Why Full Stack developers ?

The full-stack developer is a profession that has grown significantly in recent years . Discover the full-stack developer profile :

The full-stack developer missions are very diverse , but they also rely heavily on the company's needs for which he works .It can also work well on the back office of the site on the front end. Similarly, it can take care of the site architecture , user experience and even html . A real key to everything may seem to be a UFO, while the trend in recent years, is the specialization of developers.

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